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Maggie Vida -

Maggie Vida

is a diversified singer/songwriter with a career that’s covered many different aspects of performing and production of music :
• Theatrical roles (her most memorable in the role of Patsy Cline)
• Solo singer at many different types of events and concerts
• Promoter / producer of tourism events for Spiritsong Productions
• Band member / choir director
• Producer of two independent c.d.s
Her love of a wide variety of styles of music has lead to the writing of many adult contemporary as well as Christian contemporary songs, with each song having a unique sound to complement its lyrics. Lyrics are sung with an intensity of emotion to bring a full listening experience to the listener. 
These free downloads may be copied as often as you wish; please include copyright information on each copy. These two songs are still in their early pre-production stage of recording and will require funding support to be re-recorded with choir and orchestra. **Tell a Canadian friend - especially music teachers and choir directors!
"Thank You For The Legacy" - © Maggie Vida, 2001 is a tribute to past and present soldiers. It is particularly suitable for a Remembrance Day service sung by a choir, but may also be effective as a solo. Download Music & Score Download Lyrics (with chords)
"Stand On Guard For Me" - © Maggie Vida, 2001 is a song of celebration of this beautiful land we call Canada. This song is suited for any patriotic Canadian event, especially Canada Day or Remembrance Day. It is well suited for choirs of any age. Download Music & Score Download Lyrics (with chords)
 “You’ve Always Been There”
Her new release entitled “You’ve Always Been There” is a mixture of mainly original music: adult contemporary, pop, inspirational, folk and a touch of jazz all blended into one great sound …… produced by Mark Rogers (LMT Connection), this album is rich with the organic sound of an amazingly talented group of musicians!
“As Each Leaf Falls” (1997) 
This is a collection of mostly original Christian contemporary music being given airplay on Christian radio stations throughout the english-speaking world. Styles of presentation include everything from adult contemporary, folk, country and soft rock, lending themselves to the lyrics being expressed. Many of these songs express Maggie’s spirituality in a very personal way that’s not only thought-provoking, but entertaining to the ear.
As most of Maggie's performance bookings are for private events (i.e., corporate groups, church groups, service clubs), the only concerts / booking dates shown will be events that are open to the general public.

For booking inquiries, please contact us at

Maggie Vida's website:
Maggie Vida Concert 2 - www.seniorsentertainer.comMAggie Vida - Concert 1 -
Vida is uncannily Cline"
Gail Atkinson-Todd
Port Colborne Leader - Oct. 29/97

"Maggie has a repetoire of the 'music of your life' that will keep your fingers drumming and your toes tapping as you reprise the hits of the 1940's, 50's, and Patsy Cline."
Gary Manning
The Tribune (Welland, ON) Mar. 27/99

"Maggie Vida brings Cline's hits to life."
Gary Manning - The Tribune (Port Colborne, ON) - Oct. 23/97

"She's just a wonderful artist."
Gail Smith-Cook - Mgr. of External Relations - Royal Canadian Legion - Dominion Headquarters
Ottawa, ON Tax information for musicians Disclaimer