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It's all about musical entertainment for senior citizens wherever they are. Senior citizen entertainment is a specialty. Here are tips, information, and useful links.

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Games for senior citizens

In senior facilities, the activities listed below offer great interaction and stimulus for the brain and can be good for the physical exercise that they need.

The Nintendo Wii

Seniors have a ball with it, and it's excellent for both the brain and the physical exercise. Click Here for tons of downloads available for some diversity and to get your residents interested based on their preferences.


Bingo GameWas or maybe still is the number one game. This is a mentally challenging game.
In nursing homes and assisted living centers, as well as adult day centers, this game is king. Try to interrupt a game and see what happens.
Usually facilities will schedule Bingo for a specific day every week, and the date and time are set in stone.

As far as entertainment games are concerned after Bingo, everything else comes next.

Beach ball toss

This keeps people sharp as far as reacting to catch the ball or deflect it.

It would be difficult to get hurt form a misdirected beach ball.

Residents are able to get great therapy from this game as they have to use their arms and eyes and react quickly enough to catch or bounce the ball.

It really is fun.

card game

Card games

Are another favorite for smaller groups. Sometimes they can have several going at once.

Pam at a nursing home in Fall River, Ma. plays a form of card Keno with the residents.

She uses 5 large sized cards, and they have to match the cards called. First one to match 5 wins.



More seniors are online for e-mail etc.

Seniors are getting more into the new technology with cell phones and email and online games.

Some get more adventurous and use Google!

I spoke with an 88 year old man who was quite proud of the fact that he could keep in touch with his grand kids.


There are lots of trivia books out there and in different categories.
Trivia is great as a fill in activity when you are trying to fill a few minutes or even more.

Simon Says

This is another game that helps keep the brain working well.

Exercise games

YMCA (the song) or variations on Tai Chi are great for seniors as they can be done even in a wheelchair.
In Shanghai, elderly Chinese people often gather in local parks, in the early morning, and someone leads a Tai Chi class there. It's it great for all ages.

wheelchair bowling

Wheel chair bowling

Is fun and there are light weight plastic bowling pins and bowling balls available that are just right for this activity.

 It is  cheap for a set of plastic pins and balls, and they should last a long time.


A table with a picture jigsaw puzzle that is left, for several residents to work on at their leisure, is a magnificent idea. I saw one that took a month to finish, but several people had a hand in doing it.

String beads

Residents can create necklaces or bracelets. A woman that I met in an Alzheimer's unit had been a jewelry designer all her life, and she was barely functional but could still make strings of beads with consistent patterns.

Velcro Balls / dartboard

This is a super game for brain and dexterity. The balls are covered in velcro. 

You get the residents close enough so that they might actually hit the target and keep a score or just cheer them on!

The balls are soft, and the target is a velcro bulls eye so it is easy to throw, and they stick on the target.

Velcro Balls
Chair Exercise

Chair exercise

There are lots of arm leg and upper torso exercises to do while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

This really helps with circulation and for coordination as well as mental acuity. Tax information for musicians Disclaimer