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It's all about musical entertainment for senior citizens wherever they are. Senior citizen entertainment is a specialty. Here are tips, information, and useful links.

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The Hawaiian Luau
for entertainers

You do need to gather a bunch of Hawaiian songs for your repertoire. Island type music is also perfect.
Find a few listed at the bottom of this page.

If you have a budget for it, you might find a Hawaiian Dance Troupe who could add to your show or a percussionist who can play bongos and maracas and maybe congas for the effect.

I did a show with a Hawaiian dance troupe, and the girls looked great. Besides grass skirts, a few had the coconuts bra and flowers in their hair. Impressive.
  Roger and ukulele

I use a ukulele

See the picture.
It has a pickup installed so that it is electric/acoustic.
I've recorded backing tracks for myself. I rely heavily on a Hawaiian steel guitar sound on the tracks for real authenticity.

There are a lot of songs from which to choose.
You have to dress for the occasion. Check out my Hawaiian shirt and lei. Women have it even better as their costume choices are more dramatic.

Employees and residents all get leis. I like to see the activities department employees and volunteers get dressed up in Hawaiian grass skirts. Then you can do a Hula dance contest with the residents judging. Balloon volleyball and hula hoops add some fun.

If you go outdoors for the cookout you will want a straw hat to keep the sun off of your noggin, or you might get sun stroke or just a bad sunburn.

It's fun for residents who are in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, or who have dementia and Alzheimer's, as well as independent seniors.
Party favors and props really give it the flavor of a Luau.

I am thinking of finding a couple of fake palm trees that are portable. I could bring them in on the top of my four wheel equipment carrier.

A few song ideas:

Aloha Oe, Blue Hawaii, Do The Hula, Hawaiian War Chant, Hawaiian Wedding Song, Hawaiian Love Song, Margaritaville, My Little Grass Shack, Moonlight Bay, On The Beach At Waikiki, Red Sails In The Sunset, Sea Of Love, Tiny Bubbles, Ukulele Lady, etc.

Check out Don Ho and Izrael Kamakawiwo'ole for starters.

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