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It's all about musical entertainment for senior citizens wherever they are. Senior citizen entertainment is a specialty. Here are tips, information, and useful links.

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Fund Raisers
For Entertainment

This is page 2 of the fundraiser section about how to raise some money for your entertainment budget. The elderly love to be entertained and senior citizens have time to enjoy it.
Here are a few more tried and true ideas.

First you can raise a lot more money if you are a 501(3)(c) charitable organization  You can ask for a donation and show the donor how it can be a tax write off.
Learn more about what you can do at


Family and company donations:

When fund raising, you advertise an event be sure to mention in all press releases the names of the donors who helped to make the event possible.

Funds raised from donations from family and residents who happen to have the extra money are a great way to finance entertainment budgets.

The adverts are a way to let people know that the idea of donation is a real possibility that they had not thought of, and they then may come forth.

Left $ in a will

A woman who passed away had left a small bundle of cash to guarantee that a certain entertainer could come back to the facility for a monthly show for the next several years.
She liked him and made the provision before she passed away.

You can't go begging your residents, but a "story" told about how that sort of thing happened elsewhere may be just the subtle hint that is needed when a resident makes it clear first that they are really interested in supporting an entertainer.

There is the IRS to consider because of the estate gift tax but who cares it is small compared to the gift amount.
Car Wash

A Car Wash

At a time of the year when the weather is warm, you can raise funds by organizing a group of volunteers from the facility and making if a fun event. You can do it in the parking lot of the facility nearest the street that has the most traffic. Organize where the cars will line up with placards and use more than one hose so that your group can wash more than one car at a time.
A nice touch would be to have refreshments like lemonade and affordable cookies for the car owners as well as a section of lawn chairs for them to rest while having the car washed.
I have seen a great difference in turn out when the car washers are good looking girls for some strange reason. For fun ask the administrator to join in. The other employees would really get a kick out of it.
Recycling Cans

Recycled can and Bottle drive.

Think green and get everyone in on the fund raising project.
Keep some clean covered barrels in prominent view at an easily accessible location for donations. Add a sign on each one with the appropriate contents and your activities department name on it, as well.
Let people know that the money is for your activities budget and to help the environment.
The community can learn about it through any free press that you can get and with flyers that your volunteers can put up.
Your group will handle the management of bringing the stuff to the recycling plant.
If you can get your facilities' kitchen and other staff to use it as well all the better. The last bonus is if you can get a local business, that generates bottles and cans such as a 7-11 to donate regularly you are ahead of the game.


Do you or any of your residents or staff know a famous athlete or musician etc?
Tell them it's for a fund raiser and the media will be there. They often love media attention to show how "nice" they are for helping at a fund raiser. A personal appearance by them can generate a crowd of bidders.

Any and all paraphernalia that are autographed is valuable for an auction.

Other items that are auctionable can be added with donations from staff and businesses that are in your area.
Businesses can use the auction as an advertising opportunity.
Gift certificates are great auction items.
Most of the items not auctioned on the day of the auction can be sold on E-bay. Tax information for musicians Disclaimer