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Jennifer KellyJennifer Kelly -

Offering: expert piano lessons professional accompaniment music for parties & ceremonies

Born in Sycamore, IL, Jennifer started playing piano at age 6 and excelled at clarinet, saxophone, singing and percussion through high school.

She earned her B.A. in Piano at the Northern Illinois University School of Music from 1990-95 where she studied with internationally recognized pianists Dr. William Koehler and Mr. Donald Walker.

She pursued graduate studies in Music Education and Performance at NIU and Middle Tennessee State University where she studied with Dr. Charlene Harb from 1997-98.


Jennifer's ability to tune in to her student's individual needs and abilities has garnered her praise as a piano teacher.

Experiences with life challenges have made her particularly suited to helping students overcome obstacles.

She employs a multifaceted approach that tailors the lesson to each student. She knows everyone learns in a unique way and that musical skills translate into every area of life.

A professional since 1990, Jennifer has taught private lessons as well as middle school choir and general music.

She believes in equal access to the arts and frequently volunteers her gifts to underserved students.

Jennifer Kelly is an in-demand accompanist and has extensive solo, collaborative and freelance performance experience.

Since 1990, Jennifer has been offering her talents as a professional accompanist, soloist and teacher.

She is an accomplished pianist who uses her intuitive edge and years of expertise to bring you the highest quality musical services.

She will collaborate with you to meet your specific needs, accompanying all instrumental & vocal areas.

Creating the musical results you desire!

Ceremonies, Holiday Parties, Special Occasions

I will consult with you on the perfect music choices for your celebration. With an ever-expanding playlist, you can be sure to have a variety of choices. If you don't see your favorite song, just ask. I can usually incorporate your favorites into my performances.

 Musical Theater

With a breadth of experience rehearsing performers and accompanying live theater, I offer the talents of a seasoned pro and the patience of an educator.


Auditions & Competitions
Recitals & Concerts
Private Lessons & Rehearsals

As a true collaborator, I will bring my 18+ years of experience as an accompanist to our work together. Well-versed in many styles of music, I am comfortable supporting all instrumental and vocal performers in their musical endeavors. Whether a performance or rehearsal, I will work with you to help achieve your highest musical expression.

**Please refer to my "About Me" page for more classical repertoire examples.**

Jennifer's Website


I look forward to working with you! (773) 764-5569 office phone (773) 814-7894 cell phone

Note: I have one cat. Map This Location

This location is at the corner of Sheridan Road and Pratt. Do not park on the east side of Sheridan Road between the hours of 4-6 pm. You will be ticketed . Let me know when you will arrive and I can give you a temporary parking pass for the day. Bus routes #147 and #151 stop at my corner and the Loyola Red Line is 3 blocks south. There is elevator access at the front of the building.

Send me an email anytime. Tax information for musicians Disclaimer