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It's all about musical entertainment for senior citizens wherever they are. Senior citizen entertainment is a specialty. Here are tips, information, and useful links.

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Kevin Christensen

Kevin Christensen 1 - Kevin Christensen 2 -

Kevin Scott Christensen
Kevin Scott Christensen has been entertaining seniors for over a decade, using his extensive repertoire of thousands of extemporaneous songs.

He plays piano, sings, and plays accordion.

A favorite show that works with audiences of all ages is his "Blast From the Past Graduation Show", where he asks members of the audience what year they graduated from High School and plays random songs that were popular that year.

His patriotic show, covering the songs that made America great keeps him booked pretty heavily every July.

He serves his clients with a newsletter and a different themed show every month.

He also plays ukulele and Caribbean steel pans with his luau band, the only luau band in Utah.

They perform music of Harry Belefonte, Don Ho and other Hawaiian favorites.

Find him at and (801) 328-3627 Tax information for musicians Disclaimer